• Choices, options and alternatives; we always have them. Be prepared for opportunity. You will discover confidence knowing that you have core strengths and skills that you will take with you through all of your decisions. slider_img_1
  • Fit in but stand out. Uniqueness is essential to progress, but progress cannot sustain without common threads. When you discover that balance, you can optimize your potential. slider_img_2
  • Step out of the box. Dream big and take action. Open your mind to a global way of thinking to enrich your life. You will quickly discover more than one solution, and inevitably create insights for a deeper understanding of self and others. slider_img_3
  • Prepare for change. Evolve. Change is inevitable. Learn the ways of time and place to optimize your future and actively take a step towards unlocking your potential. You will fly higher and discover a more organic self. slider_img_4
  • We are all human. That, at least, we have in common. Connect. Celebrate diversity, learning inclusion, empathy and connectedness. You will build long lasting and positive relationships. With Image Power Australia, you will discover people and the human qualities that bind us. slider_img_5
  • Discover opportunities and accelerate to your career with Image Power Australia. The unique Employment Advantage Program is Nationally Accredited and Endorsed by the Curriculum Council of WA. This renowned training program has assisted thousands of people into employment. You will discover how to work smarter, not harder. slider_img_6
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Our Team

Our experienced team of individuals bring you the highest quality training and education products for your organisation:

Published author, founder and Managing Director, Natalia Josephs was born and educated in Western Australia. Natalia's area of interest has been Social Intelligence, one of the six intelligences put forward by Professor Howard Gardner in the 1980s.

In 1999 Natalia founded the Registered Training Organization, Image Power Australia. Two of Image Power’s training programs are now Nationally Accredited, and Endorsed by the Curriculum Council of WA. They have been utilized by universities, schools and Commonwealth and State Government Departments.

Developing Social Skills for the Workplace is one such program, and has received extensive press coverage as a successful program for developing social skills in young people. Natalia regularly appears on television, radio and in the print media regarding her commitment to encouraging a more holistic approach to positive interaction skills.

The highly successful Employment Advantage Program has been responsible for placing over 3000 participants into employment, and was taken from a face to face to an online format in 2006. This program is now Nationally Accredited and Endorsed by the Curriculum Council of WA, and is utilized by universities, schools and job placement services across Australia.

Ms Gabby Sofi (BA)

Marketing Coordinator

Gabby graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations. While there, she completed two internships as a journalist at the West Australian Newspaper and as a researcher at The Parliament of Western Australia. Gabby researchers and writes articles and blogs for Image Power Australia's Employment Advantage.

Serene uilises her background in psychology to assist Image Power Australia to advance  its goal of making social intelligence acessible to all. Her expertise is in project management processes and techniques, with a particular emphasis on the integration of time, cost and risk management.

Serene's hobbies include photography, design and styling. She is a regular at the Perth Fashion scene and has collaborated in producing winning looks for the Perth Fashion Festival.

Anthea has 20 years marketing experience at both state and national levels and in small business and brings excellence to everything she undertakes.

Her degree in social science and sociology complements her ability to conduct high level public relations.

Anthea has assisted the growth of many small businesses and Image Power Australia is pleased to have secured her expertise.

Drawing on an extensive background in project management and research and analysis within public service, business and education, Niall provides expertise in project management, event coordination and organisational review.

He is highly regarded in the area of meeting facilitation, procedures and protocols and provides expert training in time and people management.

Speaking three languages and with experience in Australia and overseas, Niall is also experienced at improving organisational efficiency through team management and motivation with a focus on the individual.

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Warwick Senior High School has taught a group of Year 12’s from a program designed for disengaged students. Principal Lesley Wintle said