• Choices, options and alternatives; we always have them. Be prepared for opportunity. You will discover confidence knowing that you have core strengths and skills that you will take with you through all of your decisions. slider_img_1
  • Fit in but stand out. Uniqueness is essential to progress, but progress cannot sustain without common threads. When you discover that balance, you can optimize your potential. slider_img_2
  • Step out of the box. Dream big and take action. Open your mind to a global way of thinking to enrich your life. You will quickly discover more than one solution, and inevitably create insights for a deeper understanding of self and others. slider_img_3
  • Prepare for change. Evolve. Change is inevitable. Learn the ways of time and place to optimize your future and actively take a step towards unlocking your potential. You will fly higher and discover a more organic self. slider_img_4
  • We are all human. That, at least, we have in common. Connect. Celebrate diversity, learning inclusion, empathy and connectedness. You will build long lasting and positive relationships. With Image Power Australia, you will discover people and the human qualities that bind us. slider_img_5
  • Discover opportunities and accelerate to your career with Image Power Australia. The unique Employment Advantage Program is Nationally Accredited and Endorsed by the Curriculum Council of WA. This renowned training program has assisted thousands of people into employment. You will discover how to work smarter, not harder. slider_img_6
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How to Use the Employment Advantage Program

After acquiring a licence for access to the Employment Advantage Program you will be trained by Image Power Australia's experienced team of professionals, on how to deliver the program in class and online. You will also be granted full phone, email and onsite support for the duration of your program licence. Upon adopting a licence, all required training materials and resources are provided by Image Power to successfully deliver the program to your students.


The only pre-requisites for enrolling in this program is a year seven written comprehension of the English language. This program is not yet suited to those who do not speak or write English.

Students with literacy issues could significantly benefit from the imbedded audio version of the program accessed online.

Program Access

Educational institutions, Job Services Australia and Disability Services are eligible for Image Power Australia’s education discount. The Employment Advantage Program can be taken on a per-student basis, or by licence. Please contact Image Power Australia for more details.

The program layout is very clearly defined. Menu bars on the left, and the navigation bar at the top of the program will ensure students’ progress is always visible.

Important tips for participants who undertake the Employment Advantage Program

  1. For you to achieve successful outcomes the Employment Advantage Program needs to be completed in full.
  2. The material is arranged in an easy to follow, step-by-step sequence designed to build knowledge in structured modules.  The first lessons provide the foundations for the rest of the program.
  3. Each lesson must be read and the questionnaire for each lesson completed before the next lesson can be undertaken.If you find you are not able to move forward in the program, check back to make sure you have completed the previous lesson questionnaires in full and have achieved the necessary pass mark to move forward.
  4. Even if you think you know the material provided in a lesson before reading it, you will need to complete the questionnaire correctly at the end of each lesson to be able to move forward.  This prevents knowledge ‘gaps' which may reduce success later when applying for work.
  5. Links to move through the program are provided at various positions on the page.  Scroll down to check that you have clicked on all the necessary buttons if you can't move forward in the program.
  6. Each lesson is followed by a summary before the questionnaire.  Each summary should be printed out at the end of each lesson to be used later as reference material.
    Please note that when each lesson questionnaire is completed and passed, you will be unable to refer back to that lesson other than through the printed summary.
    Each section is closed off and cannot be accessed again once it has been correctly completed.
    Printing out each summary will also give you notes to refer back to when you have successfully completed the Employment Advantage Program and are applying for jobs.
  7. Effective résumés are created through a sound knowledge of the principles contained in this program.  The résumé builder cannot therefore be accessed before the program is completed and all questionnaires receive a minimum standard pass mark.
  8. The résumé builder provides a road tested and contemporary resume that has been successfully used to gain excellent outcomes by thousands of job seekers.
  9. The Employment Advantage résumé builder provides a lay-out and suggested words and phrases that can be altered to suit individual needs.
  10. No two résumés should ‘look' the same if the principles learned in the program are used and applied when constructing the personal résumé from this ‘builder'.

Need Help?

If students or educators are experiencing any issues with the Employment Advantage Program, please contact us immediately. Help desk can be called on (08) 9322 2224 or 0408 322 221

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