• Choices, options and alternatives; we always have them. Be prepared for opportunity. You will discover confidence knowing that you have core strengths and skills that you will take with you through all of your decisions. slider_img_1
  • Fit in but stand out. Uniqueness is essential to progress, but progress cannot sustain without common threads. When you discover that balance, you can optimize your potential. slider_img_2
  • Step out of the box. Dream big and take action. Open your mind to a global way of thinking to enrich your life. You will quickly discover more than one solution, and inevitably create insights for a deeper understanding of self and others. slider_img_3
  • Prepare for change. Evolve. Change is inevitable. Learn the ways of time and place to optimize your future and actively take a step towards unlocking your potential. You will fly higher and discover a more organic self. slider_img_4
  • We are all human. That, at least, we have in common. Connect. Celebrate diversity, learning inclusion, empathy and connectedness. You will build long lasting and positive relationships. With Image Power Australia, you will discover people and the human qualities that bind us. slider_img_5
  • Discover opportunities and accelerate to your career with Image Power Australia. The unique Employment Advantage Program is Nationally Accredited and Endorsed by the Curriculum Council of WA. This renowned training program has assisted thousands of people into employment. You will discover how to work smarter, not harder. slider_img_6
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Your Resource Center

Anybody can learn about social intelligence and how to apply it in a variety of contexts because we’ve made it easy for you. Our training programs utilise the latest scientific knowledge and training techniques.

Below is a list of recommended reading that those of you who are interested in human interaction and how our brain works can access.  All of these publications are available from either Amazon or technical book stores.  Edward T Hall's books are sometimes difficult to access due to some being out of print or in reprint.  We recommend fishpond.com.au for any such publications. 

  • Doidge, N. (2010). The Brain That Changes Itself. Australia: Scribe Publications
  • Ekman, P.  & Rosenberg, E. L. (2005). What the Face Reveals: Basic and Applied Studies of Spontaneous Expression. Oxford University Press: Great Britain
  • Goleman, D. (2006). Social Intelligence. New York: Random House Inc
  • Hall, E.T. (1983). The Dance of Life. New York: Random House  Inc.
  • Hall, E.T. (1976). Beyond Culture. New York: Random House  Inc.
  • Hall, E.T. (1966). The Hidden Dimension. New York: Random House Inc.
  • Hall, E.T. (1959). The Silent Language. Westport Connecticut: Greenwood Press.
  • Maynard Smith, J. & Harper, D. (2003). Using the Facial Action Coding System (FACS). Oxford University Press: Great Britain
  • Seligman, M. (2002). Authentic Happiness. Australia: Random House Pty Ltd.
  • Seligman, M. (1990). Learned Optimism. Australia: Random House Pty Ltd.
  • Seligman, M.(1993). What You Can Change and What you Can't.  Australia: Random House Pty Ltd.
  • Seligman, M. (2011) Flourish.  Australia:  Random House Pty Ltd.
  • Csikszentmihalyi, M. (2008) Flow. New York, NY: Harper Perrennial Modern Classics Edition.
  • Watts, D. J. (2003). Six Degrees. London: Vintage Books

Image Power has had many articles published in many journals, media and magazines. These particular resources provide useful and practical information for students, job seekers, teachers and employment consultants.

  • Today's Headlines

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    iStock_000005867611Small2Warwick Senior High School has taught a group of year 12's from a program designed for disengaged students. Principal Lesley Winters said... more
  • Deciphering the Workplace Dress Code

    slider_img_eaMost businesses today recognise that staff presentation is perceived by the public to represent the quality of a company and its products and services. However it is also recognised that people generally relate better to those who are dressed in a similar manner and who are clean and well groomed whatever
    the dress code... more
  • Creating Connections


    Anthropologists and social scientists tell us that from our earliest beginnings humans gathered in  groups and tribes for mutually beneficial reasons including safety in numbers, sharing of food and resources and the care of our young. Group cohesion and safety was encouraged with the  introduction of specific social codes and conventions. Thses are the basis of ... more

Warwick Senior High School has taught a group of Year 12’s from a program designed for disengaged students. Principal Lesley Wintle said